89 definitions by mandy

someone who is an idiot
you're a complete piston
door mandy 2 april 2004
Marie Chase

BettyPink/ BettyBlowTorch/ ILovePinkStars.
door Mandy 24 februari 2005
a kickass sacramento band....better be listening for them their gonna make it...
songs...one cool sober guy, outta hand,about to say....i love u guys!
door Mandy 28 januari 2004
A complete and total bitch!
You are SUCH a Faustina!
door Mandy 19 november 2003
Freely used...Outburst...Excitement.

Of Military origin.
Ooorah! Did you see that headshot?! I pwned his ass!
door Mandy 1 oktober 2003
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