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19 definitions by jilldo

somebody who bums smokes consistently
"man that dude is a vulture"
door jilldo 27 december 2003
slang for sex.
"we played jenga last night"
door jilldo 27 december 2003
a very slow person who always gets themselves in fucked up situations.
"man, you here about scott, he got tossed in the drunk tank for pissing on that church school bus"
"man, he's such a sloth"
door jilldo 29 december 2003
like nigga please, but for slick folk.
means i don't think so
"you think that chick is hot?ninja, please!"
door jilldo 27 december 2003
1. code for sex. see jenga
2. interlocking plastic blocks that cost a fortune.
door jilldo 28 december 2003