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In multiplayer games, many players choose their name with "admin" or "administrator" within it.

While sometimes this is caused by total lack of PC skills and their windows account is called "admin", it is also used by little kids who want players on a server to think they are in control and not to be messed with.

Anyone who has been on a gaming server with over 30 random public players is bound to come across at least one. Some servers explicitly kick such players to avoid confusion.
Admin Wannabe would be described to players typically with the following names

(game chat example)

<<Senior_Admin is connecting>>
Player 1>> OK STFU about that hack, admin is here
Player 2>> Its just an admin Wannabe you noob
<<Senior_Admin was auto-kicked: Remove 'admin' from avatar name>>

Does not include the following examples:

as they are clearly not trying to imitate an admin, but will still get bot kicked
door footjuicesolutions 2 augustus 2009
A none excuse.


This isn't a lie, but rather a poor excuse that doesn't really hold water, when one doesn't want to directly say "no".

The other subject wouldn't typically be expected to come up with a solution, and if s/he did, the nonscuse is typically followed up with another. If the other subject is intelligent, they will "get the drift" but if they are stupid, it may at nonscuse 5 or 6 become a requirement to directly inform that you dont wish to.
Mike: "How's about a drink tonight?"
Sarah: "I can't, I have my kids to look after"
Mike : "Well I can come to yours?"
Sarah: "Not really, its a little messy with all the toys"
Mike: "That doesn't bother me Sarah"
Sarah: "And i'm expecting my mum to ring up at some point"

(Mike gets the picture she is giving nonscuse after nonscuse and gives up)

Sarah (horny @ work) : "James, come over to my desk and drop your pants)
James (impotent) : "errrm, I'd love to, but isn't it a little inappropiate?"
Sarah: "Nobody else is in the office for 3 hours, come it will be fun - i've seen you staring at my lady lumps all week"
James: "Well, yeah they are nice, but i'm kinda looking for someone on the internet and saving myself"
Sarah: "Dont be so correct, come on, i'll let you stick it in my mouth"
James: "well.... I don't have any condoms with me"
Sarah: "I'm on the pill James, lets skin on skin"
James: "I dont think you would like it, I've been to the toilet 2 times since my shower"
Sarah: "Thats cool James, dont you like the smell of sex?"
James: "Dont you get it?? I'm impotent"
Sarah: "Well whats with all the nonscuses - just fucking say so"
door footjuicesolutions 2 augustus 2009
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