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4 definitions by dirt dog

A beard that is grown just in the neck region. Clean shaven face, full neck beard.
With a gruff neck beard and eyes full of self confidence, a real man knows that the ladies will soon follow.
door dirt dog 3 januari 2004
316 149
Refering to the Carolina's. Either North or South Carolina.
Watcha know about South Cakalacky?
door Dirt Dog 27 augustus 2004
102 15
Dropping a deuce in such spectacular form, as avoiding having to wipe at all.
I was running late this morning, but I was saved by "the executive".
door dirt dog 18 oktober 2011
18 2
To interfere with your plans (or to mess up your game). Playa Hatin'
Quit throwing salt on my game...fool!
door dirt dog 11 februari 2005
87 74