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10 definitions by barry white

1. The beginning of very long death.
2. When you are shot out of beaverville
In todays society that baby wont last long. We're too overpopulated as it is.

That mother just birthed her 12th kid. Some religions need to learn to wear condoms.
door barry white 21 september 2003
362 101
The section of the abs that are toned and usually come in six
He got a toned six pack. he must work out
door barry white 9 januari 2004
173 43
A town in Victoria, Australia where the youth have no ambitions other than to buy very expencive cars to drive around and around in circles on friday and saturday nights then go to one of the two shithole clubs and try to fuck one of the many bushpigs on offer.
'where you from?'
'you suck'
door barry white 19 maart 2005
116 26
Neptunes music label
Star Trak - Neptunes present Clones
door barry white 10 november 2003
62 20
being on the same level
Are you eye to eye with me you one-eyed, peg-legged, toothless, frech-whore midgit bitch?

door barry white 21 september 2003
32 13
Dick In Cunt
Fuck you
door barry white 26 september 2003
18 10
A street name for shrooms. Northen California origin.
Hook me up with that portabella G.
door barry white 26 september 2003
3 3