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Stealthsturbation is masturbating in a scenario that would require stealth in which you must to extremely aware as well as silent. Note that all parts of the masturbating must be stealthy (gathering cleanup materials, the initial act, and cleanup).
Situations of stealthsturbation include when your parents are next door, when your parents or significant other are going to be home soon, or when your sibling is just a room away.
door Staska 9 juni 2009
To be a "tiger underwater" means to be really, really angry (or "super-pissed"). Taken from the actual event of a tiger being underwater. Upon searching "tigers underwater" on Google images, you will find that every single tiger underwater is abnormally upset with everything around it.
Ways to use it include:
"Dude I'm a tiger underwater right now"

"Yeah, he's being a tiger underwater"

"Dude, quit being a tiger underwater".

"You know, If I was just playing GTA4 because I was bored and I got the Red Ring of Death, I would have been pissed. However, I got the Red Ring when I was about to play a game I've been waiting months to play, so you could say I'm a tiger underwater."
door Staska 14 juni 2009
If a person is douche bombing, it means they are being unnecessarily douchey. It is when a person is being a douche bag in a situation that does not require it.
There are also variants of the term:

A douche bomber is a person who is well known for douche bombing frequently.

A douche bomb is one statement of unnecessary doucheyness, not to be followed up with another, and sometimes followed with an appology.
Douche bombing:

Guy One: "I dunno, I kind of liked World of Warcraft"
Guy Two: "Faggot"
Guy Three: "Was that really needed?"
Guy Two: "Fuck you, dick"
Guy One: "Whatever, he's just douche bombing"

Douche Bomber:
Guy One: "I dunno, I kind of liked World of Warcraft"
Guy Two: "Faggot"
Guy One: "What?"
Guy Three: "Don't take him seriously, he's a douche bomber".

Douche Bomb:
Guy One: "I dunno, I kind of like World of Warcraft"
Guy Two: "Faggot"
Guy One: "What?"
Guy Two: "I'm sorry for that Douche bomb, that wasn't necessary".
door Staska 14 juni 2009
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