13 definitions by Someone who's better than you. I rule.

what bob is called when he gets caught in the sun, gets a red neck, and grabs a pitchfork and starts humping his sister and marrying his cousins, and saying "yeehaw"
redneck bob humped my sister, then humped his sister, then humped your sister.
big things are things that go with mountains.
I just saw a picture of a mountain and some big things. I rule.
what we call sheila when she gets her cock on.
transexual bob's cock fell off into my martini.
the thing that people with other thongs say. like what if I had green feet? would that rule, or would that rule? in fact, I think as a subjective it would have to rule more than ruling itself. Being the secondary subjective to the first, then I would have to say that having green feet would rule more than ruling would rule if it were ruling itself's rules.

Confused? You should be.
Mary went to the store and said "what if I walked into traffic blindly?"

This word rules. Also, if you hadn't guessed by now (if you haven't you are scum and an imbecile), I am better than you, and I rule.
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