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Is a mystical creature that's human, but from the waist down, has an aquatic tail, and bigger lungs for swimming in the ocean. Mermaid being (female), and Merman being (male). They were probably mistaken for manatees in ancient times.

The word is also used nowadays to describe people that completely love the beach, also known as a beach rat.
I once knew a mermaid, she loved sex on the beach.
door Shapeshifter89 2 februari 2014
ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: from pan-‘all’ + Greek theos ‘god’
A person who identifies God as the Cosmos, or immanent in all life, while also claiming the existence of metaphysical energy & forces in Nature. The belief in an afterlife depends completely on the individual, and morally most are pro-life. Describing one as a Pantheist could also be alternatively used in place of Animist, or Pagan.
A woman meditating with Nature could feel the godly forces of healing and enlightenment powering her body.

She must be a Pantheist.
door Shapeshifter89 29 december 2013
From Wicca: the way of the wise.
Is someone who worships Nature for salvation practicing white magic, medicinal healing, and Spiritualism. Wiccan theology can be vast, but many are either Duotheists, Pantheists, or soft Polytheists. The belief in an afterlife depends on the individual, but many believe that through positive reincarnation you'll be granted a heaven called the "summerland" (better existence on earth or another world), and through bad reincarnation a hell (lesser existence on earth). The Rede is: An'ye harm none, do what ye will.
The path was developed around the late 1950's by Gerald Gardner: a British anthropologist & Freemason who was also some big buff on Aleister Crowley.
One who follows the path of Wicca is a Wiccan.
door Shapeshifter89 29 december 2013
Someone who follows the way or path of Taoism. It is a pagan spirituality developed by Lou Tzu around(400B.C.) in China when Confucianism was lacking, that embraces living in balance and harmony with the Tao. They worship a Pantheistic Godhead, the Tao(Mystical Spirit), or some may be Polytheistic. Their main text is an 80 page book, Tao Te Ching. Taoist belief in an afterlife or reincarnation depends on the practitioner, but many believe the soul has the ability to reincarnate through the universe. A Taoists main spiritual goal is to become one with the Tao, while achieving immortality, unlike the goal of Nirvana in Buddhism. Most Taoists practice inner and outer alchemy by becoming in tune with the Tao's 5 elements, eating a very healthy diet, and practicing medicinal herbal healing; much like white magic in the west.
Living in harmony with nature & universe is what a Taoist does.
door Shapeshifter89 30 december 2013
From PAN="all" & Greek THEOS= "god". Is a theological claim that identifies God as the cosmos, or immanent in all life. Pantheists hold nature and universe as sacred and therefore to be worshiped. Most support supernatural and magical claims that will never be fully understood through science. Religions that currently espouse a Pantheistic godhead would be: Wicca(Neopaganism), Taoism, and Shintoism; with Buddhism and Hinduism being more mildly Pantheistic. Morally, Pantheists view the world as generally good in nature while excepting that evil exists. Mostly all Pantheists claim to be pro-life and denounce all evil actions upon nature or life itself.

Even though the term was coined in the 18th century, most anthropologists describe Pantheism to be the underlying theology of all ancient religions before Polytheism was written by temple hierarchy.
He touched a tree and could feel it’s spirit and godly energy.

She said, he must be Pantheistic
door Shapeshifter89 28 december 2013
A modern word for someone who politically combines Libertarian views and Democracy, short for (Libertarian-Democrat). They assert that Democracy functions best on smaller scales. They place hopes of decentralizing representative-democracy. Mostly all of them I've listened to, believe in the democratic appeal of social justice, but they reject modern government and hope for the possibility of a practical one with state control being reduced to a minimum. Economically, they hold to the idea of attaining a common sense free-market, with production being held individually and collectively, so that people have the liberty to choose what best fits them. A lot of them I've heard, say the only thing that should be held in common is land itself; seeing land as something that all individuals should have equal right of access to.
Most of them come off as know-it-all's. They're usually alternative lifestyle people or neo-hippie like.
They can sometimes be mistaken as Anarchistic or Communistic, but they don't believe in having no government, nor do they believe that a state dictatorship should rule and control everything the people do under a moneyless society. No, they're just a dreaming Libercrat in their own utopian minds.
door Shapeshifter89 24 juni 2013
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