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A doody golem is a man-like creature composed entirely of human feces. He or she is molded to look like a human.

Unlike normal golems, a doody golem is much harder to destroy requiring a high concentration of fiber to solidify the monster in its place before smashing it into pieces.
"Yankele, your doody golem is destroying our entire village!"

"And what would you have me do, destroy it?"

"That, and stop making living beings out of your own fecal matter!"
door Senor Rosenblattenbergenstein 19 februari 2009
Formally known as Merkin Men's Club, U.S.A. the group consists of several chapters, mainly across America and is dedicated to educating the youth on the importance of wearing fake pubic hair.

Started by Leonord Plotz, of Canarsie, NY in 1975, the group has grown to over ten thousand members worldwide, and has its largest membership in Austin, Texas.

Merkin Men's Club has received opposition from several local and state governments on its highly controversial standards, including requiring any new member to shave off their pubic hair and eat it in front of the active membership.
"Principal Edwards, you have to keep the Merkin Men's Club off our school grounds!"

"There's nothing I can do. They have as just a right to educate our kids as the sex and drug counselors do."

door Senor Rosenblattenbergenstein 19 februari 2009
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