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ANUS over ASS is the --Idea-- that the word "Anus" is funnier then the swear word "Ass." Even though the word Ass is considered rude, and the word Anus is a medical term.
"An Example of the ANUS over ASS Idea. Notice both sentences are almost completely the same, but Anus just adds a funnier image to the idea."

(Two men shouting at a woman walking down the street)

(Man 1) Damn baby, that big swollen Ass is driving me crazy!
(Man 2) Damn baby, that big swollen Anus is driving me crazy!
door Russell Sheppard 27 juli 2008
1. The use of lip implants in women to ruin the look of their natural facial lips. 2. A pointless, disgusting way to enhance the look and feel of lips. 3. Fish Lips.
Sick Lips should be outlawed! They look fake, gross, and ruining natural beauty. I have never seen sexy Sick Lips.
door Russell Sheppard 13 november 2007
Twizzlers lips are formed when a man or woman has either injections or plastic implants placed in their lips. Which ends up creating a very unnatural Twizzlers-like shape to their lips. The Twizzlers candy has a bumpy, odd shape to them; which is exactly what Lip Enhancements ((always)) end up making that persons lips look like.
I noticed Mila Kunis went with the Twizzlers lips look. That is like pouring SH*T all over the Mona lisa... Lip implants NEVER look real and ALWAYS look stupid! I miss the Hot Mila Kunis!
door Russell Sheppard 28 juli 2008
Criminal Blowback refers to the fact that if 99% of people play by the rules, that 1% still creates enough carnage that causes new tactics to be taken to combat those crimes. Which ends up hurting the 99% majority by means of the Blowback. Examples: If 1 student kills someone in a school; everyone else is then forced to endure random body searches and waits in long lines through metal detectors. If 1 person cheats on a test, then everyone else is then forced into taking a more difficult test, because the normal test may be compromised. If 1 man uses his car to smash it into a building; then everyone else is then forced to pay a higher insurance rate to cover the lost funds spent to repair the building. If 1 man rapes a woman; then everyone else is then forced to deal with harsher Sex laws. Which have become so stupid in some states, that if a person is caught urinating in public, they can be convicted as a Sex Offender. If 1 man finds a new way to put poison into a jar of food; then everyone else is then forced to pay higher prices for that item, because new security features had to be added to protect the food.
Since Criminal acts are not committed by just 1 person, but thousands, even millions of persons worldwide; the Blowback that everyone else is forced to endure can not be measured. So basically; the criminal act of 1 person, causes 1000 others that didn't have anything to do with the crime to suffer; Both directly and indirectly.
I'm so freakin' sick of being forced to type in long lines of letters and numbers in these stupid Captcha windows, because scumbag hackers want to act like criminals! It's not fair that criminals commit the crimes, but those of us honest people end up suffering! Hackers know ways around Captcha windows, so all this ever does is annoys those of us that actually follow the rules! There is a way to stop Criminal Blowback and it's called a Guillotine. Criminal's head goes in, but never comes back out!
door Russell Sheppard 27 juli 2008
A "Hype Shopper" is someone that blindly buys whatever item/s are popular at that point in time. These types of shoppers are considered to be the "Perfect Shopper", because the companies can control these types of people so easily. Hype Shoppers tend to have the personality of a (Conformist). Which basically follows the guideline "If everyone else is doing it, and I do it, then I'm cool for being the same as everyone else." This causes them to not have their own well established personalties, but rather pick and choose what to BE based on the current Trends. Hype Shoppers also tend to buy name brand items over cheaper generics; because name brand items are considered a "Status Symbol."
A good example of a "Hype Shopper" can be found with the sales of Apple's iPhone PDA. Apple used various media sources such as TV, Radio, and the Internet to create a Buzz around the unknown device. It was promoted as a Must-Have. Apple was so good at this, that Hype Shoppers were more then willing to wait in long lines, spend excessive amounts of money, and deal with numerous service issues; all for the chance to own the so-called "Jesus Phone". Even though the device was unknown at the time in it's performance and offered most of the same features that could be found on PDA's that were being sold for half the price. Some customers spent thousands of dollars on early Termination Fees, iPhone sales off of auction web sites like Ebay, on top of wireless carrier activation fees and contracts. In the end, all because a company was able to control these customers like a dog on a leash. Even after many customers had their phones fail after unlocking them And/Or downloading Firmware updates, these customers still waited in the rain to buy the iPhone 3G.
door Russell Sheppard 26 juli 2008
A Born-Again Christian is a person that through some sort of difficult time found Christianity. These Christian's tend to be far more fanatical in their beliefs. There is 2 categories for Born-Again's. 1. (Passive) These Christian's tend to be grounded in their beliefs. They tend to keep their own beliefs to themselves and except the faults of others. 2. (Pesters) These Christian's tend to have more conservative, and often times more ignorant views. They try and force their beliefs on everyone around them, regardless of those persons own beliefs. Pesters often times view the world through a very narrow mindset. Which includes the viewing of homosexual's as Sinned-Creations, meaning (Born with Sin) and feel that homosexuality is a choice not a biological fate. That anyone that doesn't choose Christianity as a religion, is wrong and therefore destin to face Hell upon their death. That Evolution is a myth, not a proven fact. That the Earth was created some 2000 years ago, instead of 4.5 Billion years ago. That Dinosaurs never existed. Pesters beliefs are based solely on the Bible. If the Bible does not explain it, then it is wrong. This has led to many groups like the KKK, who used the Bible to deem African Americans as less then whites. To the Witch-Hunts of the early 20th century. All the way up to today where Pesters use the Bible to justify acts of violence against abortion clinics and homosexuals. The most notable example of this kind of ignorance is the Crusades. A Christian war that waged for hundreds of years in the early, to late 1000's. Pesters and Passive Christian's do not hold the same type of interchangeable ideals; as passive Christian's do not hold the same fanatical views as Pesters, and therefore are not driven by the same kind of ignorance.
A Born-Again Pester came up to me at the store today and tried to convert me. When I told him I wasn't interested, he told me that if I continued to live my life as a Non-Christian, that my soul would be doomed to Hell. He then said he would pray for me. When I asked him how he would feel if I told him I was going to pray to Satan in his name, regardless if he wanted me to or not, he got mad. So I told him by him calling my beliefs wrong, and by telling me he would pray for me no matter what I said, that it was the same as me forcing my religion onto him. Beliefs or not, it's not his right to use my name in such a way. Then he just quietly walked away from me.
door Russell Sheppard 11 maart 2008
Pronounced Ahh-Bath-Wa. ABATHWA stands for (As Big As The Heart Will Allow). The term is used for someone that is super obese or super muscular. It literately means that their body is so large that the heart would not be able to support a larger frame.
The term can be used in both a good and bad context. 1. (Good) "Man, what have you been eating? Your a built ABATHWA!" 2. (Insult) "Man, what have you been eating? Your a fat ABATHWA!"
door Russell Sheppard 10 maart 2008
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