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One of a progression of military situational indicators:

1. SNAFU - Situation Normal, All Fucked Up - Thing are running normally.
2. TARFUN - Things Are Really Fucked Up Now - Houston, we have a problem.
3. FUBAR - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition - Burn it to the ground and start over from scratch; it's totally destroyed.
This day started out SNAFU, but then my machine went all TARFUN. The place was totally FUBAR after that.
door Proud Conservative 16 januari 2004
1. Factual incorrectness. A well-used example is calling a blind person 'visually challenged'. The person is not challenged visually, they are INCAPABLE of doing anything visually. They are blind. By an odd coincidence, those who use such PC terminology are also blind.
2. The passing of blame for certian conditions from those responsible to those who use the 'wrong' words
I don't need to exercise. Political correctness says that I'm not fat, but that I'm height and weight disproportional. It's not my fault. Now let's go get a super-size Whopper (R) meal.
door Proud Conservative 16 mei 2003
A tax on people who can't do math.
The odds of winning $1 million in the lottery are around a billion to one. Good luck. You'll need it.
door Proud Conservative 22 oktober 2003
O.K., this is the REAL Proud Conservative. Not his groupie.

The Story of the twinkie defense is thus:
In 1978, Dan White, a former San Francisco city supervisor who had recently resigned his position, entered San Francisco City Hall through a basement window, went upstairs, and shot and killed Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.

Psychiatrist Martin Blinder testified in court that White had been depressed, which led to eating junk food: Twinkies and Coca-Cola. This further deepened White's depression, since he was an ex-athlete and knew that the food was not good for him. This was evidence of his depression that prompted his murder spree. This celebrated diagnosis became known as the "Twinkie defense."
(Taken from www.ohnonews.com)
door Proud Conservative 27 augustus 2003
A homosexual who has the unreasonable fear that somewhere, sometime, someone may be having heterosexual intercourse. And enjoying it.
Proud Labour Conservative is the current personification of a Heterophobe, as he has a complete fear of heterosexuals. But he also has a complete fear of using his own name.
And, for some reason, he attacks conservatives and Bush officials as homosexual.

"You think maybe he's trying to compensate for something?"
- from 'Shrek'
door Proud Conservative 17 september 2003
According to Henry Rollins, 'ropy jets of jism flying through the air to land on surgically enhanced breasts'
door Proud Conservative 8 juli 2003
Lying to cover a situation which would be better served by the truth. Taken from the habits of Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States of America, and the only President to be officially sanctioned by the Supreme Court of the United States for lying under oath.
Often the behavior of small children and others not used to the truth.
Quit Clintoning, Joe. I know you had nothing to do with it. You don't have to blame space aliens.
door Proud Conservative 22 september 2003
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