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3 definitions by Pink Pony

kissing your boy/girl friend for the first time
our first kiss sucked
door pink pony 9 maart 2004
37 29
knocking on peoples cars when theyre either making out or in the back seat
My friend and I were out bush wackin when we knocked on a KKK member's car. Him and about 3 other KKK guys jumped out and chased us through the woods.
door pink pony 27 oktober 2003
0 2
An abnormaly large, gapeing hole on the face. Some may refer to it as a mouth. More often than not contains insanely enormous horse like teeth. A person with a NARF most likely laughs like a donkey on drugs.
"Please shut your NARF, you're frightening my children."
"Dude, I just ate a really hot pepper.. My NARF is on fire!"
door Pink Pony 26 februari 2013
4 8