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3 definitions by Pheon1xBorn

When someone reveals a previously unknown aspect of something which you likely would have rather learned on your own.

*discussions of art media such as video games, movies, etc. especially vulnerable.
"The following review contains spoilers!"
door Pheon1xBorn 29 januari 2005
378 64
1. Possibly uncomfortable moments of ravenous anticipation immediately preceding occassions of intense potable bliss.

2. Prognosis for condition arising from long periods of time without consumption.
"Man, this is gonna taste so good, I got the blue jowls sooo bad!"
door Pheon1xBorn 29 januari 2005
5 1
a derivative of tibitties
good lawd, them tibbidies!
door Pheon1xBorn 29 januari 2005
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