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19 definitions by Paul Ward

A country that loves New Zealand. Seriously. As opposed to this idea that many Aussies hate New Zealand well let's just say that a couple of years ago a certain young woman went to Bali for a holiday and what a fine time she's having too. (*not*) Leave it at that shall we? Obviously the inverse doesn't apply if the two nations are co-operating with each other in Solomons Tonga, Timor.. And two seperate countries they will remain. A majority of people in either nation weren't too keen on the idea in 1901 and aren't now. So if that lass with the sheep up her arse could try and realise that things would be good.
Underneath the squabbling Australia and New Zealand really do love each other.
door Paul Ward 18 november 2006
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One who hangs out at airports all day. Airport bums can be found at airports of all shapes and sizes, from a big major airport handling 747's to the airport that doesn't handle anything bigger than a Dash 8. I am one myself and am proud of it.
Airport bums are generally educated folk.
door Paul Ward 25 oktober 2006
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The nation that once ruled half the globe (British Empire). Was known to treat it's colonies as if they were shite at times (sent their youth to die in two world wars and Boer War) and very well in others. (Defence, trade) wiped it's colonies noses, asses, and so on. Has a long history of bad treatment of the Irish over a period of 800 years. Should be proud of teaching Canada and other dominions all of their traditions such as democracy, free speech, and should also be ashamed of their degrading treatment of the Irish.
The United Kingdom is a paradox, it has been a role model, and a human rights abuser, where do it's dominions get some of their bad habits from?
door Paul Ward 31 augustus 2006
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Australia's close ally and friend. There are some Australians who seem to hate New Zealand for some reason and vice versa. Needs to stop. New Zealand is an entirely different country to Australia with entirely different political, economic, indigenous, demographic, and geostratgic differences to it's giant neighbour to the west. Either NE (New England) or the Northern Territory are that "new state"

The Anzac bilateral relationship between the two of them has been strained over the years, thanks to the ANZUS treaty breaking up, lack of defence spending from the New Zealand government, airline collapses, this, that, OK OK it's time to move on from all that. What about the positives? I have said this a few times before but I think the issue here is Australia's *bucketloads* of confidence, and general comfort with itself. New Zealand, I'm afraid you will not find anywhere near as much of these qualities. Many Australians I know love New Zealand, so I am not bitching too much.
Australia-New Zealand bondage

ANZAC lives on

door Paul Ward 22 juli 2006
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A beautiful country in the South Pacific a respected country that should not hate Australians and in turn Australians should not hate New Zealand our two nations are supposed to be allies, Ansett and underarm bowling be damned. They have fought on Australia's side. I for one am glad that some of the more childish definitions have been removed and we can start reading some proper stuff.
In conclusion many Aussies out there think NZ rocks. Trust me.

Australian New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) still does apply.
door Paul Ward 22 oktober 2006
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Actually what Canada is to the USA, is what New Zealand is to Australia. A country full of quiet folks who keep their noses out of everyone else's business, a lot of the time. I don't know if anyone ever told you, but the pair of them fought together.
There are possibly 2% of people in New Zealand who shag sheep but just about every other country has them too.
door Paul Ward 10 maart 2007
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Ahem, I do believe that New Zealand is growing up and a very very worthy friend to Australia and always has been and therefore is worthy of respect. My version goes like this. A few people in New Zealand do tend to be juvenile towards Australia, however, some Australians tend to respond to that (or start it) by being arrogant. That aside, New Zealand has provided a great deal of assistance to Australia with regards to East Timor, Solomon Islands, etc. and therefore, neither patronising attitudes, nor a chip on the shoulder will not help. It has taken time, but New Zealand is growing up, hopefully encouraged to do so by many Australians, instead of being thought of as a child.
Australian 1: Instead of wanting to be isolationist and juvenile, New Zealand is growing up.

Australian 2: Come again?

Australian 1: East Timor, Solomon Islands, it was just that lack of confidence that held them back.

Australian 2: Oh right, well that's good to hear, I was wondering when NZ would grow the fuck up.
door Paul Ward 8 augustus 2006
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