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When someone is so shitfaced that the room is spinning.
Jodi: Oh my gawd... I'm soooooo druunk.... whooooo.... room zooms!!
Ralph: Not again. If you vomit on my airbrushed Supertramp couch cover again I'm really-
door PDXJohnny99 12 april 2013
Nickname for 'Game of Thrones' fans, an HBO show based on the epic fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.
I never in the world thought I would ever watch a Game of Thrones episode. But I did... and now I've been hooked for two years. Its like smoking a Middle Earth crackpipe! I'm so addicted to this show... I can now say I am a true Throne-ite!
door PDXJohnny99 14 april 2013
An insult telling someone you're going to fuck them in the ass.
Manny: Oh, shit dawg, that motherfucker was talkin' shit.
Korter: Fuck that!
Manny: There he is!
Korter approaches the person in question.
Korter: You wanna get crazy? I'll plug your rim, bitch!
door PDXJohnny99 12 april 2013
A male who loves the curvy females. One who adores BBW, ample butts, ample breasts, thick hips and thighs.

"These women are whole women, not half women. And its always a party when you're with them." - Johnny Kaufman
Benny is a curvy catcher. He always has been. He always will be. It is twice the thrill touching and holding the large, lovely ladies. It is twice the thrill making love to them. He loves the thick chicks by far.

When he passes a skeletal type on the street he always suggests she should eat a french fry.
door PDXJohnny99 24 april 2013
When a doctor tests certain medications on a patient, but actually worsens the problem through trial and error.
Micky: my doc put me on antidepressants... but it actually made me suicidal... so he put me on another kind and now don't give shit about anything... so now he thinks I need a different kind... I feel like a lab rat!

Mallory: Sounds like pill roulette to me.
door PDXJohnny99 10 april 2013
A phrase used to express how excited or mind-blown or confused you are feeling.
Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That Inception movie was sooooo good.
Smitty: OMG, I had to watch it three times... I shit a brain the first time.

Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That movie Memento was sooooo crazy.
Smitty: OMG, I had to watch it six times... I shit a brain the first five times.

Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That movie Requiem for a Dream was sooooo intense.
Smitty: Uh... I actually had a seizure during that one. I shit my pants.
Snooter: For reals? Oh... my... gawd.
Smitty: yeah... flopped around for... well... through the rest of the movie, actually. My cat just watched me... he didn't call 911 or help out... so... I missed most of that movie. Not a big fan...
door PDXJohnny99 29 april 2013
Those who write, scribble, and draw in the sand, on a beach. Derived from the term 'tagging' in the graffiti/street art community.
Bowlie loved the shore. He was a sand tagger. Every time he took a trip to the beach he would jot down his name with a stick or even his foot...

Sometimes small children would scribble his tags away and draw turds and stickmen and such. Angry teenagers would walk by and destroy the tags because they were spiteful. Sometimes God would intervene with wind or tides as well.

Bowlie felt he lost all 'beach cred' and took this as a sign and gave up sand tagging. He became a male prostitute.
door PDXJohnny99 23 april 2013
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