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22 definitions by Neologian-PJG

When the Pope abdicates the the Chair (cathedra) of Peter before his natural death, the Emeritus Pope is said to be on permanent Vatication.

Vatication is like the ultimate staycation, since it is a vacation in the Vatican taken on a permanent basis by Emeritus Pope.
Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI starts his permanent Vatication on February 28, 2013, the day he abdicates the pontifical throne, doffs his signature red Prada loafers, and his papal ring is destroyed.
door Neologian-PJG 27 februari 2013
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When elected office is up for bid, up for being bought by the highest bidder, an elauction is under way.

Elauction indicates the primary role of money (and the principal bearers of money known as billionaires) in supposedly democratic elections.

The term, elauction, represents how the oligarchy, known these days as billionaires (or Billionaire Overlords) is able to buy elections.
When $100 million is spent to prop up a Governor who has been subjected to a recall, while a paltry $4 million is spent by the challenger, we are certainly witnessing an elauction.

When each candidate is a mere face, a mere facade for billionaire backers, an elauction is under way.

Who will win the elauction? The highest bidder, or the highest so-called 'contributor' will of course buy the elauction.
door Neologian-PJG 9 juni 2012
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Since the position of Pope is required to be "usque ad mortem" (until death), when the Pope of Rome resigns, quits, or is removed from his Pontificate before his natural death, such leaving of office is known as Pontificatus Interruptus.
Due to his resignation from office, Pope Benedict XVI, whose previous name was title and name was Cardinal Ratzinger, will forever be known as Pontificatus Interruptus.
door Neologian-PJG 11 februari 2013
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In the Christmas/Holiday season, any greeting whose sole instrumental purpose is a financial transaction.

When an employee of a retail establishment greets a shopper in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year-- though in particular, beginning on Black Friday.
CLERK: "Season's Greedings, Ma'am."
SHOPPER: "Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you, too. Do you accept American Express?"

'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Holidays' are the most common season's greedings.
door Neologian-PJG 20 december 2011
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(adj.) Outvisible is the opposite of invisible-- the opposite of the kind of invisibility that is enforced by oppressive social structures. The term, "out" is a common shortening of the colloquialism, "out of the closet" often used to refer to lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) persons who do not hide their sexual orientation or gender identity. That use of the term, "out" is prefixed to the word "visible" to express a life lived with honest openness, especially in, but not limited to, the LGBT Community.

variation: outvisibility (n.)
That queer activist is awesomely outvisible.

The Gay Pride Festival and Gay Pride Parade are fabulous outvisible events each summer.

Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres have been outvisible for decades.
door Neologian-PJG 27 mei 2013
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Capidolism is the economic system that worships Money as God.
The best example of capidolism is the unfettered greed of multi-national corporations.
door Neologian-PJG 26 juni 2012
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A quipportunity is the fleeting moment when a clever response is both timely, and funny.

Etymology: The word is an amalgam of 'quip' and 'opportunity' capitalizing on 1) the shared 'p' and 2) the fact that the 'portunity' portion of the word opportunity carries all of the meaning even without the displaced prefix.
I recently had a missed quipportunity when I told my sister that we saw the 2012 "Spider-Man" movie, and she asked how it was. I said it was "awesome," but the missed quipportunity was to reply, "Amazing" (since the name of the movie is "The Amazing Spider-Man").
door Neologian-PJG 10 juli 2012
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