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115 definitions by K

Small and often insignificant, inane, banal, unecessary details or comments or just general stuff that get in the way getting to the point and getting things done.
I just wanted to hear how the date went but she went on with this minutia about the arch of his eyebrows. As if I care.
door k 5 maart 2004
51 12
ballin out of control
That kid wit dem skillz is BOOC
door K 10 mei 2003
50 14
sumwhere in greece
a kiss ass album by linkin park
meteora rocks
door k 3 april 2003
83 49
ballocks is spelt bollocks
- Usually used as an alternative to 'Fuck!' or 'Shit!'
door k 23 november 2003
52 19
aka "Hot Girl #37"
*looks at name tag* "Hey guys look at me, I'm Hot Girl #37!!"
door K 8 mei 2003
62 34
When something messed up, wrong, stupid (can refer to someone or something)
That shit is jankie
Stop bein jankie steve
door K 25 maart 2004
98 74
a homosexual person, derogatory term
dude u are so an ass cowboy
door k 8 mei 2002
36 12