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The British Broadcasting Corporation - one of the most powerful organisations in the British, and perhaps, world media. A completely public service, funded by (or some would say scrounging like a bunch of dirty tramps off) the TV licence payer. At the moment, under great public scrutiny due to its seemingly biased coverage of the Iraq war, the Royal Family and perhaps everything else.

However, it will return to its former glories when the legendary, god-like deity known as Andi Peters becomes Director General. "Oo-er, Edd the Duck! Don't do that!"
BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC5, BBC6, BBC7, BBC... HEAVEN! (Austin Powers)
door Dan Sullivan 19 mei 2005
An awesome girl that i never knew could be so shy........ but i love her so much and not because of her looks.............because of who she is.
Elise: lets have a chugging contest
Me: OK but ill win
door Dan Sullivan 3 april 2005
See stanker;
A stinky hiney hole. To poot is to make stink juice slide out of your stink hole.
Quit pooting in my drink!
door Dan Sullivan 5 april 2005
1. A slang term to describe a Pakistani or one of Pakistani descent - used in an intentionally harmless manner **if** it's between non-Pakistanis or Pakistanis themselves.

2. In the UK at least, used to the person the word is a derogatory racist remark for anyone of South Asian appearance, even if they're say, Indian. Look at the description of Feltham for truth of how stupidly this word is used. Used by racist Neanderthal shitbags, many of whom frequent urbandictionary.com by the look of the utter drivel I've read in this section. It goes without saying they obviously need to go back to primary school. I know some need to integrate more into British culture, way of life etc. and there are a lot of dickheads, same as in any race/ethnic group but this is hardly going to encourage them. You get a lot of white people saying "When in Rome" etc but when you treat people like shit they will treat you like shit - go figure?

And the plan to deport those who were BORN here (OK if they were terror suspects but this includes everyone - even if they've never committed a crime in their life..) is a practical violation of human rights. Fortunately, to any people accessing this from outside the UK I'm glad to say people with the views above are in the minority.

3. A great Republic of Ireland and Celtic goalkeeper in the early '90s. Oops, sorry, that's PACKIE Bonner :-)

A white man writes
See above definitions, I think they say it all
door Dan Sullivan 7 maart 2005
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