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47 definitions by Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada

objects of sexual interest who have dark skin (eg. Indians)
Often used dismissively
John: Get a good slut at the bar last night?
Don: Almost, stuck it out til closing & took home some crackhead burnt meat.
John: Smoookinnnnn!
Don: You know it! I'm worried, though -- I'm already feeling the itch. . .
door Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 24 mei 2011
Whatever, Loser!
chatroom slang
Can also be expressed physically; hold 3 fingers straight up above your head, saying, "what" then tilt sideways, saying, "ever; then make L shale with thumb & forefinger & finish, "loser!"

A way of really putting someone down -- usually used by tweenie girls.
John: "I won! You know I won!"
Jane: (making WEL hand signals to match) "What. Ever. Loser!"
door Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 31 augustus 2010
jocular way of referring to crude oil
Jon: What's with all those big towers in the field there?
Don: They're drilling for fossil water
Jon: WTF is that?
Don: 100,000,000 years ago there was a swamp here where lots of plants & dinos died -- now there's only fossil water!
door Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 11 juni 2010
a usually intangible thing to keep assholes away from you. . .

Often just a cold attitude by someone who has already had more than their fair share of assholes
John: What's up with Deb? She was so blunt to me yesterday when I saw her at the mall.
Deb's Brother: It's not personal, bro, she's just got her rectal gates up. . . you know she's just getting over a bad breakup
John: Yeah, I guess she's feeling extra touchy these days, eh?
Brother: I'll let her know you're cool so hopefully next time she'll relax with you
door Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 6 juni 2010
1. first time performance of cunnilingus
2. first time using tongue action during fellatio
3. first time using tongue when kissing

etym: debut+tongue cf debutant
So, Joe, I hear you had 3 sisters last night?

Yeah, & everyone involved debutongue!

1. I was the first one ever munched Debbie
2. Carmen was so hot & wild she started tonguing my cock like it was the worlds last ice cream cone!
3. & their baby sister, just 18, responded well to her first french kiss!

All in all, a helluva bargain for just 1 bottle of lemon gin; I highly recommend this ttrio for YOUR post-bar mitzvah party, too!
door Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 19 mei 2010
A very small woman (aka a spinner)
Suggesting she's not much bigger than a finger puppet.
Dan: Sweet! Look at that sexy little thang!
Stan: Is she even legal?
Dan: Don't let her petiteness fool you -- she's a finger puppet, not jailbait.
door Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 22 mei 2011
a car that's so old & crappy it has parts constantly falling off it.
Sam: Wow, what a POS car you got, dude! Did a taillight just drop off?
Sal, proudly, Yeah, it's my leprosy car! Cool, isn't it?