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32 definitions by Antinous

Adverb. 1. clearly, unambiguously, without embellishment.
2. merely, only.
1. Speaking simply is the best way to be understood.
2. To defend myself against the burglar, I simply shot him.
door Antinous 11 september 2003
10 3
1. Liquor distilled from a fermented mash of grain, as barley, corn, or rye. From the Gaelic Uisge Beatha, "water of life."
2.A drink of whisky.
Also "whiskey"
Whisky is the water of life.
door Antinous 11 september 2003
100 94
A vestibule leading to the nave of a church.
door Antinous 22 september 2003
7 2
Eating human flesh, cannibalism.
I wouldn't recommend anthropophagy; people do not taste like chicken.
door Antinous 12 september 2003
6 1
a knife, usually bevelled on one side only, with a handle at either end of the blade, used with a pulling stroke for rapid removal of stock.
I took the corners off the block with a drawknife before turning it on the lathe.
door Antinous 12 september 2003
3 0
1. satisfaction of a duty or debt.
2. rest or a release, esp. death.
"Who would bear the whips and scorns of time . . . when he himself might his quietus make with a bare bodkin?" --Hamlet
door Antinous 12 september 2003
5 3
Adj. Desirous of vomiting.
Listening to President Bush speak makes me vomitaceous.
door Antinous 11 september 2003
6 4