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12 definitions by Andrewsky

Most often this means sexual intercourse, but sometimes it can refer to offing someone, killing them in other words.
door Andrewsky 4 maart 2003
125 98
V: To Goolay: done by any person in a moving vehicle, whether it be a car, a bus, a bike, or a rickshaw, who spontaneously yells out "Goolay" at unsuspecting passersby. The goal of this random utterance is to acheive the most dramatic reaction from pedestrians or people on slower moving transports. Therefore, the goolay can only be done from a vehicle that is travelling faster than the person to which the statement is issued, so that the goolayer (n) can get away if they have to. "Goolay" can and does degenerate into more base and lude statements including but not limited to "he-slut", "manwhore", "drunken witch" and "cocktoucher".
Origin: Will Ferrell's SNL portrayal of singer Robert Gulay, in which Mr. Ferrel spontaneosly utters "Goolay"
Lady: "Did you see that? That guy just yelled Goolay at me from a moving car. What a coward!"

Man: "Just be glad he didn't call you a drunken witch. Cause thats what you look like."
door Andrewsky 27 februari 2006
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When not referring to a person, this word means male ejaculate fluid
door Andrewsky 5 maart 2003
19 31
Not often used but, sometimes a pro refers to a prostitute.
door Andrewsky 5 maart 2003
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An Italian person. I Do not know where this word originated from
door Andrewsky 4 maart 2003
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