nov 18
Going bra less
"She said she was wearing Gods Bra and then I saw her nipples"

1st guy: " Those girls are having a Gods Bra party"
2nd guy: "Let's crash it!"
door AlmightyLee 3 november 2015
nov 17
The person you're compelled to fuck, even though they're not the hottest/sexiest/smartest or clever or remotely appealing to most people.
The guy is a pig. He's stupid and repulsive. I can't keep my hands off him. I don't know why I want him. He is my shamefuck.
door Fifi Forgetmenott 24 april 2009
nov 16
Sorry For The Mass Email
SFTME everybody,

Has anyone seen my red stapler? I left it somewhere in the office last Saturday.

door anonymous01020304054 8 november 2013
nov 15
A more discrete, faster way of saying "Straight For the Cock"
Paige: Sarah, Did you go SFTC?
Sarah: You know it!
door MegWicky 31 januari 2011
nov 14
Single for the night
"Lets hit the club, I'm sftn."
door leangasm 3 november 2015
nov 13
A penis that endures no sexual intercourse for a long period of time (it does not get wet)
Man... It's been awhile. I'm getting an ashy dick
door Ranch Cucamonga boy 4 november 2015
nov 12
Going more than 25 weeks deep into someone that you fantasize about's Instagram Page and not liking any pictures.
Gurl#1: i was insta-lerking Dequans page last night.
Gurl #2: Did you like any pictures?
Gurl #1: Hell no, i was 56 weeks deep into that page gurl!!!!
door awesomeboy0316 4 november 2015
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